LED Show

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Putra Permai is having a new attraction now at night. The LED shop near Bazaar Putra Permai is displaying the LED light show, adding some lively color to the town. However, the light is not turn on daily. Try your luck.

Check out the video here

December 6 2012 No Commented

Persiaran Lestari Perdana Traffic Light

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Received an email from a reader named K as following:

Traffic light at Persiaran Lestari Perdana(Putra Permai) opposite Giant hypermarket have very fast timing contributing to high traffic build up early morning. Usually there will be a traffic police to ease the congestion but not seen on 21/11/2012. Also, during non peak time, the timing of traffic light is inconvenient. Please look into it.

This traffic light issue has been haunting the residents in Putra Permai all these while. May the authority could look into it seriously.

November 21 2012 one Commented

Avicenna Pharmacy

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Avicenna Pharmacy is a newly opened retail pharmacy located at Putra Walk, Equine Park.

Our address is,

C-3A-G Putra Walk
Jalan PP25, Taman Pinggiran Putra
Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan

Tel: 03-8959 1202
Email: avicennapharmacy@unifi.my
Opening hours: 10:30am – 8:30pm
Closed on Sunday

We provide services such as blood glucose test, blood pressure test, medical consultation and medication. Other than that we also sell toiletries, over the counter medicine and vitamins for your household needs.

You can also like us on facebook.com/avicennarx for news and updates on promotions.

September 18 2012 No Commented

Traffic Jam Kills

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What is going on with the Putra Permai traffic recently? Especially after working time.

Lodge complaint at JKR website (13/6/2012)
Traffic light at Jalan Putra Permai infront Giant hypermarket seems like having issue with the timing since last Thursday. During after working hour, its having an unusual jam for few days already. Before this, there is once the traffic light was not working. After repaired, the problem started. Kindly look into it in your earliest convenience as its causing inconvenience for all the road user.

Report divert to JKR Petaling (14/6/2012)
Untuk makluman tuan/puan, pihak kami turut alamatkan maklumbalas ini kepada pihak JKR Daerah Petaling, Pihak Bbahagian Elektrik JKR Selangor dan salinkan kepada pihak Bahagian Pengurusan Korporat JKR Selangor untuk siasat mengambil tindakan selanjutnya.

Reply from engineering department (14/6/2012)
Pejabat ini sedia maklum. Hasil siasatan dimaklumkan lampu isyarat tersebut telah diperbaiki pada 6/6/2012 walaubagaimanapun ianya beroperasi secara asas dengan mengunakan multi selaan masa sementara. Kerja-kerja penukaran peti kawalan baru akan dilaksanakan pada sabtu 16/6/2012 bagi menggantikan sistem yang sementara untuk membolehkan dia berjalan dengan teknologi sensor pengesan kenderaan.

June 11 2012 4 Commented

Free Food at Maulana

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Putra Permai town is full of car today, jamming all the way until Putra Walk.

The Restaurant Maulana which replacing the former Muhibbah is open now after renovation for months. In conjunction with the new opening, the restaurant is serving free food for all the visitors.



June 7 2012 No Commented

Earth Hour

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Support Earth Hour 31/3/2012, switch off your light to save the world. Remind everyone you know to join. Save the world for future generation.

Date: 31/3/2012
Time: 8.30pm – 9.30pm


March 30 2012 No Commented

MB, free us from jam!

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MB’s banner has reached Putra Permai, but what about MB? If we are honored to has his visit, hopefully he did noticed of Putra Permai’s traffic issue too. The bottle neck (junction to Cyberjaya & Puchong) has been causing a massive jam at Putra Permai especially during peak hour. Solutions needed badly to accommodate the drastically increase of Putra Permai population.

MB, we have trusted you…and we also trust that you will make a difference for Putra Permai.

March 29 2012 No Commented

Muhibbah is on renovation

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For those who used to eat at Restaurant Muhibbah Latha should have noticed that it has been closed for about a week now. It is under a full renovation now.

A reliable source said that the owner has been changed and the name of the restaurant as well. If what the source said is true, the new restaurant will be Maulana. Looking forward to the restaurant relaunch. Choice i getting lesser since the former Latha closed down.

March 26 2012 No Commented

Slow Rhythm Car Wash?

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Reader’s feedback:

To Putra Permai Community,

Have you all been to the Rhythm Studio Car Wash?

If you do not have time to waste, I suggest you don’t ever think about washing your car there. I have pass my key to the worker and wait for about 1 hour. It’s still not my turn yet. I’m asking politely why it’s not my turn yet since I was the one who spent the longest time waiting among those who are sitting there.

They claimed that they got their own queuing system and it’s just not my turn yet (his face expression tell me “if you can wait you wait, otherwise you leave, your 10 bucks doesn’t help much to the business”). Okay, fine. I decided to leave after waiting for 1 hour and dropped by at another roadside snow car wash. It’s done within 15 minutes!

The car is clean, and I paid only 8 bucks. The foreigners appreciate my visit. To be honest, they serve customers better than those who so called ‘professional car washer’. Service is very important in the service industry, as the name tells.

Angry Bird

March 14 2011 2 Commented

Dewan Orang Ramai Dr George Lim

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Badminton court for rent at Bandar Putra Permai!

Dewan Orang Ramai Dr George Lim, which located near McDonald Taman Equine offers variety of sports facilities like basketball court, futsal and badminton court.

Badminton court rental rate is RM15 per 2 hours during weekdays and RM20 per 2 hours during weekend and public holidays.

As for the newly renovated futsal court, it’s still open for free for the time being until further notice.

For more information and booking, you can contact Mr Suhaimi at 019-6841511.

Map of Dewan Orang Ramai Dr George Lim Ah Soo

December 30 2010 5 Commented