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Maybe this is not the right place to discuss on cars and motors, but I would like to share this information with Proton users who have similar problem. I used to search for related information in few car forums. Of course they help with some clues but most of the comments are irrelevant. Therefore, I hope this post helps those who are looking for information about Proton IAFM engine.

Proton has implemented the Integrated Air-Fuel Module (IAFM) technology on their recent products including Proton Persona and Proton Saga. Without any argument, the technology is an advantage in the performance and fuel saving wise.

My family bought our Proton Persona last year and given the chance to upgrade to Campro IAFM engine by adding only RM500. Without second thought, we took the offer. Overall, the car is cool. (except some noise from the dashboard).

After the 10,000 km service, the engine started to make noise. It’s kind of wind sound (like water boiling sound) when the speed reach 110 km/hour. Not only that, when the vehicle slow down after the ‘high-speed’ run (just to describe this scenario..ahem), the sound can be heard clearly too especially when the vehicle started to move.

I started to search in the car forums, hoping that someone is already come out with a solution for similar problem. Unfortunately, no one is having the water boiling sound. However, some of them were talking about the noise from the IAFM. Taking for granted, I assumed the noise is caused by the IAFM too.

So what is next?

Some suggest to replace the IAFM before the warranty end. And one of them suggest to replace the defect modulator which will eliminate the noise.

I sent my Proton Persona for the forth service last week. I told the mechanic what I have read from the forum and requested him to replace the modulator for me. He agreed to replace the modulator but he told me it was definitely not the modulator which causes for the noise.

What cause the ‘wind’ sound from Proton Persona engine?
So far, he did not receive any complaint on the ‘wind’ sound. And while he was testing my car, the noise does not exist because the engine was not exhausted enough I guess. Any way, he suspected it got something to do with the vacuum valve but there are few of them in total. Some more, he did not hear the sound at all, so he neglected my first complaint.

Then how is the noise of IAFM sounds like?
It sounds like the old taxi engine (tak tak..tak tak….) When he stepped on the fuel pedal hardly and I can hear the noise. Then I asked him if I can replace the IAFM? Yes I can, but there are 30 cars on the waiting list. Some of them register for the second time because the noise appear again after it was fixed.

Any way, i decided not to go for the replacement. You know why? When we were in the middle of the discussion, a Proton Saga BLM came and the IAFM noise was so loud. It was clearly heard even with the car bonnet covered. I rather not to take the risk, who knows the noise might become worse later.

If the modulator does not cause the noise, what is it about?
Rather than making noise, it is actually controls the fuel meter. For Proton Persona owner, do you notice that the fuel meter never show FULL even though you have a full tank? Tell the mechanic during your next service and they will replace for you. Make sure your warranty is not end and bring along your car grant (photo copy will do). The modulator cost more than RM400 in the market, wao..

My front right wheel is making noise when the road is not even, what is going wrong?
I hate the first mechanic, he tried to ignore all my complaints by staring at me like he did not know anything. (I would like to clarify that, he is not the one who explain to me about the IAFM and the modulator) I asked for the supervisor instead. This time, he asked me to drive and show him the wheel noise. I drive through some uneven road and he noticed the noise.

But guess what, he declared that he could not find the cause after checking for half an hour. The solution for the ‘wind’ sound and wheel noise is to send my car to the Proton Service Headquarter at Shah Alam. They are just dealer who fix standard problem. Okay, I got it.

If any of you out there who has similar problem and got a solution, please share with me.

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  1. Tan Hsien-hann says:

    My Proton Persona 1.6 Manual (M) already reach mileage of more than 150 k. Bought it since 2008. Generally, it is a good car. I enjoy the drive up to Cameron Highlands and down using the Tapah route. You can say it is me who overtake others and not the other way round. The car is very stable on cornering… and I use this to go up Gunung Brinchang, extremely narrow and winding road. You can feel the power when you play with the gears…

    Of course… there is also the problem.. but I don’t blame Proton as I had kena accident a number of times (well, my own wrong decision)…. I have the tak tak tak sound when going through uneven road even at times on even road also…. Also.. the knock sound which is most likely due to the bushing at the rear and my arm I have changed once which is also a wrong decision because there was really nothing wrong with the arm…. but after I changed for no solid good reason.. well… things gets ugly…

    As for the air con ventilation sound etc.. well, I too have that problem and I have left it as it is….

    There are a number of things that users need to know, you need to regular service your air-con as it the compressor sooner or later will run out of lubricant and when that happens… your compressor would damage….

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